keep your eyes on the road
or don't


they will smell our food with laser tomography

video games

another defense for video games — vocabulary (or a time period’s infrastructrural/political mechanics, details, etc.) that isn’t otherwise understood, or clarified by context, gets elucidated by action.

….I wish

I wish you had more faults so I could learn to love those and then you could leave me and finding someone else would be easier. Babe.

The Problem with Mimetics

So when you have a mimetic device to help you remember something, you can be confident you know… however, when your instantaneous recall is wrong, but your confidence is high, you are wrong and don’t notice. =/


Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck scream

FB friends that suck are good

I have a few friends on facebook that I just don’t like — they actually aggravate me with the things they value and their modus operandi. But hey, it’s food for thought, and it’s opportunity to reconsider my own values with the stark contrast

Simple but advanced

Last night I had the pleasure of waiting on a family of 4 - 3 brothers and a father figure. One of the brothers, probably the oldest, appeared to have some kind of mental handicap, which I say even though he was bilingual and I am not. He asked me my name, and when I told him, he got so excited throughout his whole body, with a kind of suppressed clap… and a massive smile… and so many simple interests and interactions kept him so excited and happy… and he did show a little cleverness in his banter… I was a little jealous. I experience most of my joy vicariously, and this dude was simply a geyser for my type to feed on.

Look at those STEMs! =/

""Women who used a fictitious name, and thus had their self unlinked from the math test, showed significantly higher math performance and reported less self-threat and distraction, relative to those who used their real names…""

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